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AKE cutting 2.0 – a real success story

Cutting 2.0 technology has proven to be extremely successful since being introduced to the market in 2013. From its origins in the SuperSilent sliding table saw with manual feed, it has been consistently developed and expanded, starting with the cutter range and now moving on to panel saws with mechanical feed. In the meantime, significant practical experience has been collected which has caused users to take notice of these developments.
The cutting 2.0 success story began four years ago when the SuperSilent saw blade was presented at LIGNA 2013. A revolutionary saw blade for sliding table saws with manual feed. The new technology has won innovation and design prizes by fundamentally reinventing a process which is as long-established as sawing. The advantages for users are nothing short of sensational. Just two years later, AKE took the unprecedented step of applying this concept to milling tools. The diamond-based 2.0 technology is impressive for grooving, joining and rebating tasks. Milling 2.0 means that chips are discharged behind the cutting edge. During machining, this considerably reduces the need to carry out repeated chip cutting and results in a noticeably longer tool life. This is supplemented by further advantages since, in contrast to conventional technology on the market, negative and positive milling cutters are no longer required. The AKE-Z3 can cope with these tasks on its own.

Last year, AKE presented the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 for machines with mechanical feed at the "Holzhandwerk" trade fair for woodworking. Customers' experiences with this new saw blade have been purely positive. In the field test performed in various industrial companies throughout Europe, tool life increases of up to 70% were achieved. The finished cutting quality was rated either "very good" or "good" by all testers. Noise emissions were reduced by 10 dB (A), which corresponds to a noise reduction of 50%. The same saw blade was able to cut through a mixture of materials, including chipboard, MDF, plywood and HPL, just as reliably and cleanly as it would cut any material in individual machining.

Exhibitor: AKE Knebel GmbH & Co. KG

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